In our case, the unmanned aerial system (UAS) consists of the Matrix 600 Pro carrier, the NANO-hyperspec hyperspectral scanner (Headwall) and the Wiris Pro thermal camera (WorksWell). The combined mounting is mounted on a Ronin-MX stabilizer with a load capacity of 4.5 kg, which can also be used for the installation of other sensors.

The DJI Matrix 600 Pro hexacopter is equipped with an advanced A3 Pro control system, which effectively increases the overall safety of the flight. The system consists of a control unit, GPS-Compass Pro modules and IMU units. It has triple modular redundancy and, together with recognition algorithms, constantly compares sensor data obtained from three sets of GNSS units.

The new intelligent system of A3 modules enables precise control of the multicopter and provides accurate data needed for maximum stable flight. Self-adaptive systems automatically adjust the flight parameters depending on the weight of the load.

WIRIS Pro is designed primarily as an inspection camera. LWIR - microbolometric sensor of the thermal imager has a resolution of 640 × 512 px (in the band 7.5 - 13.5 μm). The RGB camera has a resolution of Full HD (1920x1080 px) and above all offers an unrivaled optical ultrasound up to 10x (ie. field of view 6.9 ° to 58.2 °).

Used software:

  • Workswell CorePlayer a Workswell ThermoFormat
  • Agisoft MetaShape


Matrice 600 Pro

Max flight time:up to 18 min. (depending on payload)
Max speed: 55 km/h
Max wind speed resistance:10 m/s
VideoLink:HD/SDI-long range (1 km) 720p/1080p 24-60fps
Max weight of camera with lens: 6 000 g
Diagonal span:1133 mm
Package Size:525 mm x 480 mm x 640 mm
Weight (with 6x TB47S batteries)9.5 kg
Max take-off weight (recommended): 15.5 kg
Sensors:Nano-Hyperspec, Wiris Pro, Canon 80D, Sony A7 III 
Gimbal:DJI Ronin MX
matrice 600

Tab 1: Technical specification of UAS Matrice 600 Pro


Headwall Nano-Hyperspec

Wavelength range (nm)400 - 1000
Spatial bands640
Spectral bands270
Dispersion/Pixel (nm/pixel)2.2
FWHM Slit Image (nm)6
Camera technologyCMOS
Bit depth (bits)12
Storage capacity (GB)480 (130 minutes at 100 fps)
Weight without lens, GPS (kg)0.5
Operating Temperature (°C)0 až 50

Tab 2: Technical specification of hyperspectral sensor Nano-Hyperspec

Flight preparation

Flight preparation


Matrice during flight