Hyperspectral sample data. Airborne datasets were acquired on 4th September 2019 over Břeclav city. The area of interest was acquired by FLIS sensors simultaneously. All standard outputs are available for download. Outputs could be easily used for further analysis by standard software tools. Hyperspectral outputs are delivered in the ENVI standard format. We recommend ENVI software or common GIS (QGIS, ArcGIS, etc.) as viewers. Point cloud acquired by the laser scanner is delivered in las format. We recommend FugroViewer, CloudCompare or QGIS, ArcGIS as viewers.

CASICASIHyperspectral image datacube, spectral range 380 – 1050 nm. Spatial resolution 0.5m.Download
CSCASI SASIHyperspectral image datacube, spectral range 380 – 2450 nm. Spatial resolution 1.25m.Download
TASIBBTImage data of brightness temperature; BBT [K] (broadband brightness temperature)Download
 LSTImage data of kinetic temperature (T); LST [K] (land surface temperature) 
 LSEImage data of emissivity; LSE (land surface emisivity) 
 LLLImage data of at-surface radiance LLL ; LLL [Wm-2sr-1m-1] (land leaving radiance) 
LIDARDTMDigital Terrain ModelDownload
 DSMDigital Surface Model 
 nDSMNormalized digital surface model (Object Height Model) 
 lasPoint cloud 
All The whole data setDownload

Tab 1: Basic infromation about the downloadeble data