The Flying Laboratory of Imaging Systems (FLIS) consists of an airborne carrier, imaging spectroradiometers and a laser scanner. Photogrammetric airplane Cessna 208B Grand Caravan with two hatches serves as an airborne carrier. The basic sensor equipment consists of hyperspectral sensors CASI-1500, SASI-600 and TASI-600, produced by company Itres. Basic specifications are given in Table 1. These sensors are pushbroom scanners that scan the area of interest by individual rows. All hyperspectral sensors are equipped with custom-made sensing chips to ensure higher the so-called "full well capacity" of the detector allowing a higher range of measured signal without saturation. Greater dynamic range allows easier detection of the objects scanned.

The LMS Q780 airborne full-waveform laser scanner positioned on the board of the plane is a product of the company Riegl and its basic specifications are given in Table 2. All four scanners acquire data simultaneously. The aircraft is equipped with other devices and systems to improve the quality of the scanned data and to acquire auxiliary data for the final processing (the navigation system, gyroscopic platform, etc.). Such auxiliary devices can also be used to install other standard or experimental sensors. The current position and location of the aircraft (in three axes) is monitored using the GNSS/IMU POS AV inertial navigation unit. The data acquired by the hyperspectral sensor are synchronized with the signal from the GNSS/IMU unit and recorded into the acquisition computer.

 Hyperspektrální senzor snímající v VIS a NIRHyperspektrální senzor snímající ve SWIRHyperspektrální senzor snímající v termální části spektra
SensorCASI - 1500SASI - 600TASI - 600
Spectral domainVNIRSWIRLWIR
Spectral range [nm]380 - 1050950 - 24508000 - 11000
Number of spatial pixels1500600600
Max. spectral resolution [nm]3.215110
FOV [°]404040
Spatial resolution [m]0.5 - 2.01.25 - 5.01.25 - 5.0

Tab 1: Basic technical specifications of the FLIS hyperspectral system


SensorRiegl LMS Q-780Letecký laserový skener Riegl
Maximum meaasuring range [m]up to 5800
Wavelength [nm]1064
Laser pulse repetition rate [kHz]up to 400
Laser beam Divergence [mrad]0.25
Scan angle range[°]60

Tab 2: Basic technical specifications of the FLIS laser system

Sensors FLIS installed on board

Sensors FLIS installed on board

Cesna 208B - Grand Caravan

Airplane Cessna 208B Grand Caravan